Save the Date: 7th International Action Learning Conference: Action Learning for Social Action

6-8 April 2020

Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Business and Law, UK

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Call for Papers/ Contributions

As we look ahead to 2021, the world looks to be ever more complex, divided and vulnerable and in need of innovative solutions. In a fractured world, at both a global and local level, we know that action learning is making a contribution in relation to the pressing problems of our time. Fresh questions, new insights and imaginative conversations are now needed. The 2020 International Action Learning Conference takes as its theme Action Learning for Social Action. The context for this conference includes a growing awareness of the difficulties and challenges posed by climate change, inequalities and conflicts. The conference seeks to be a forum for sharing experience, insights, questions and practice.

  • Work on the wicked problems of society – engaging with social problems such as poverty, homelessness, crime, climate change
  • Regeneration work in cities, communities and neighbourhoods
  • Creating sustainable futures
  • Ethical and responsible leadership practices
  • Adaptive action learning
  • Environmental activism
  • Internationalisation of action learning
  • Efforts at political change and political action
  • Fostering creativity and innovation
  • Empowering people in relation to health, educational, developmental and social needs

Proposalsfor papers, workshops or other suggested contributions are invited for submission: •Refereed papers –abstracts of 300 words •Accounts of practice, workshops –outline of 150 words.

Email submissionsand queries to: by 31 October 2019

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